June 2021

New patent application filed

Milmed Unico AB have filed a new patent application the 30th of June. The patent is for Treatment of inflammation. In vitro studies at Sapienza University have given significant results. In vivo studies will be performed and first study will focus on IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

March 2021

New agreement signed with Medicorent

Master agreement signed with Medicorent and Startup Pharma. Medicorent provides CRO and regulatory services. Startup Pharma provides services internationally regarding new establishments of health products and has reputable contacts with companies in several countries.

January 2021

Production agreement signed with Orkla

Production agreement signed with Orkla (Jästbolaget) and Orkla will produce the dry product on a large scale during Q2.

December 2020

Allergy patent approved

The Swedish patent application for treatment of allergic disorders is approved, October 7th 2020. SE Pat. Nr.543 316

November 2020

Published scientific article

An article is published in the scientific journal Journal of Immunology and Allergy. It is about a study of people with various allergic disorders where one group received treatment of treated Milmed, and the other group received untreated Milmed. Scientific article name: Milmed Treatment Alleviates Symptoms of Allergy and Improves General Health

October 2020

International patent application filed

An international (PCT) patent application is filed October 7th, 2020, for the treatment of allergic disorders. PCT/SE2020/050958

February 2020

Scientific article published

An article is published in the scientific journal Journal of Immunology and Allergy. The article is based on the allergy study in 2017. Scientific article name: Milmed Treatment Alleviated or Abolished Allergy.

November 2019

Agreement signed with professor Archer

An agreement is signed with Professor Trevor Archer, to continue, as research manager for the next three years.

October 2019

Patent application filed

A new patent application is filed, YEAST FOR THE TREATMENT OF ALLERGY. The patent application was based on an (in vivo) allergy study conducted in 2017 and in vitro studies at Sapienza University.

September 2019

Results from In vitro study

Sapienza reports in vitro studies showing that the dry form of Milmed shows the same and partly better results than Milmed as a suspension.

July 2019

Report from study of toxicity

Professor Businaro reports in vitro studies showing that Milmed has no toxicity and Milmed is harmless towards animals, humans and plants.

April 2019

New agreement with Sapienza University

A renewed research agreement has been signed with Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies. The research leader is still Professor Rita Businaro, and she’s looking forward to continuing her research.